"In I can still smile like Errol Flynn Tito Titus interrogates life, aging, and death with a delicate blow torch. These poems adore the beauty of youth and memory; fluently articulate the melancholy and nostalgia delivered by loss; and, with irreverence and awe, dicker with Death. It's wry, wistful, fierce, searing, erotic, humorous, regretful, brave, and lonely.


"The book contains three sections: the diceyness of life without do-overs (Can you hear me now?); Titus's chaotic family of origin (The beasts within); and, Death and mortality (Swish of a horse's tail). Lovely women, dead men, bastards, saints, victims, flies, Richard Brautigan, Anne Carson, and wide pants—all that and more, idolized or cauterized by a poet's pen."

Small Press Distribution, Berkeley, California

POETS UNITE! The LitFUSE @10 Anthology
Edited by Michael Schein, Carol Trenga, & Emily Gwinn

This beautiful 180-page collection chronicles the LiTFUSE Poets’ Workshop from its origins in 2007 to its 10th anniversary in 2017, in essays, artwork, photography, and, above all, POETRY. Featuring work by Marvin Bell, Dorianne Laux, Lorna Dee Cervantes, Ellen Bass, Tito Titus, Christopher Howell, Sam Green, and many others.


Paco-Michelle Atwood

What is revealed, to those who choose to enter and take the journey, is the secret world of private thoughts and intense moments that were once shared between strangers. Personal epiphanies, carefully hidden between the lines of intriguing words, within the images, and deep…inside the sound. The outcome for readers now, depends on how much they are willing to find out about their own hidden truths…how much dirt they are willing to dig up about themselves…and most importantly, what they decide to do with it, upon discovering. Welcome…to World Inside Designer Jeans!

This gorgeously illustrated volume (8"x11") contains one poem collaboratively written by Paco-Michelle and Tito.

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